solitary confinment

The Men Alone

Recently, we received a note via our Prison Evangelism Facebook account of a man who had served some time. His note was to encourage us to “keep it up” and continue to send gospel books into prisons. He went on to say that this is the only encouragement some of those in administrative custody, administrative […]


A Process of Salvation

Sometime ago and a few years into my salvation experience, I realized there really was a specific plan for my life. God didn’t save me (or any of us) to teach us how to make lots of money or find out how many kids we could have. He had a very narrow and self serving […]

How you or your church can have a prison ministry.

How you or your church can have a Prison Ministry

Prison Evangelism has on it’s database approximately 2200 individual state prison units, Federal prison and detention centers and county jails. This number grow constantly as we strive to include all who are incarcerated. On a permanent basis, there are some 2,000,000 residents of these facilities. We see this as a wonderful opportunity to take the […]

all or nothing

All or Nothing

Sometimes, we extremists are criticized for lack of moderation. We throw ourselves into most things we do that we want to do. When I was a problem and addicted alcoholic, I drank to excess on every occasion. And, once I started the process of binge or session, the end was I often passed out, ended […]

Prison Penpals


Twenty-one months ago Prison Evangelism sent our sixty thousand copies of How to be a Child of God to three hundred and fifty-five prison units in nine states. In this particular printing, we bound in a reply card in the back that asked the reader or recipient to tell us what he thought about our […]

prison entrance

Home of Lost Souls

A famous bank robber was asked, “Why to you rob banks?’ He replied, “ Because thats where the money is.’” The same can be said for prisons and evangelism. That is where the lost souls are. It is a slow process for most of us to really come to a point of surrender and admit […]

Fatherless in America

Father to the Fatherless

Probably one-half of the people under forty in this country (US) grew up in a one parent household and chances are that parent was a women. I have seen how difficult it can be for a single mom to raise children while maintaining a semblance of a home and working full time. It is a […]


Commercial Aspects

God saved me for the purpose of compiling, printing and distributing the book How To Be A Child of God into the prisons of America. In retrospect, he provided all; John Magee, designer, Randy Rogers, illustrator, a large group of proofreaders, my wife Vickie and my daughter Samantha among others who have helped to put […]

Jesus Crucifixion

Our Co-crucifixion

Our completed spiritual death occurs when we give ourselves (surrender) to Jesus Christ. When we are sincere in our efforts to end our lives of self reliance and independence, we allow ourselves to be adopted into the family of God. This is done by believing in our heart that Jesus is God, that He died […]