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Thank you for your interest in David Howell’s ebook titled “How to Be a Child of God.”

This book has proven to be the most effective evangelism tool used in prisons today. One in ten inmates who reads or receives How to Be a Child of God prays to receive and follow Christ.

If one in three of the U.S. prison population accepted a copy of How to Be a Child of God and one in 10 of them accepted Christ as a result, not returning to prison, the incarceration cost savings would be around $2 billion.



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There is no greater cause than saving souls for Christ. The thousands of men and women who are incarcerated have been largely forgotten by others, but each one is important to Christ. Each life has value. Each soul has worth.

We are looking to raise $325,000 this year to print and distribute How to Be a Child of God and companion books to more than 600,000 incarcerated men and women who are willing to accept hem.

Please consider a donation to help us reach them with the life-changing message of the Gospel. Donations of any size are welcomed, and every dollar goes toward saving souls. Click the button above to help our mission now.




“This book has been an inspiration to me. It opened my eyes to some great things and I soaked it all up like a sponge. I’ve finally put my life in His hands after all I’ve been through. Now I’m growing spiritually every day.”
Midway, TX

“Thank you for all the copies of How to Be a Child of God. I put them out this weekend for Chapel services and they flew out of the door. They were very well received… thank you for caring for those that so many have forgotten.”
George Hanson
Chaplain, Price Daniel Unit
Snyder, TX

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