To Carry the Message of Jesus, the Savior…

Prison Evangelism’s plan to carry the message of Jesus Christ to the incarcerated men and women throughout the United States.

There are 2,000,000 captives in US prisons. They are residing in 2,100 state, local and federal institutions.

Thirty per cent or six hundred thousand of these incarcerated are open to hearing the Word of God. They will go to a chapel meeting, accept a gospel tract or hear a message about God.

Prison Evangelism will distribute 600,000 copies of How to be a Child of God books to these 2,100 locations. There are chaplains in each of these places to make a way for the books to be distributed. (Read the ebook version here)

We have letters of testimony from many prison chaplains and hundreds of offenders endorsing the book and it’s effectiveness and asking for more. . The books are illustrated and easy to read. (Read letters of testimony from wardens, chaplains, and prisoners here)

Prison Evangelism can print and distribute these 600,000 gospel books to the 600,000 that will accept them for only $325,000.00. Printed in full color and mailed for $.54 per copy

A Mission with Overwhelming Results…

In testing over the past three years, How to be a child of God has been tested in 335 local, state and federal prisons in nine states. We have distributed a total of 110,000 copies to date. The results have overwhelmed us.

Tests have indicated a minimum of 60,000 men and women (10% of the 600,000 reached) will come to know Jesus Christ as a result of having, seeing and reading this book. Their hearts and minds are then changed forever. Even more will come to peace with God as they witness to others in prison and to their families when they are released or through correspondence and visitations.

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