Our Calling Is Simple

Prison Evangelism provides prisoners with understandable and life-changing presentations about how to be a child of God and grow in their faith. We print and send resources (like How to Be a Child of God) through prison chaplains and staff, giving prisoners the opportunity to receive Christ and be transformed.

The Great Message of Hope in Jesus

How to Be a Child of God is a clear gospel presentation in a simple and easy-to-read book, illustrated in full color. It is relatable to prisoners, holds their attention, and uses simple words to communicate the hope of Jesus. “Finally, a book I can understand!”

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What captives are saying about Prison Evangelism and
How to Be a Child of God

Well, honestly, I’m learning more about God and I’ve turned my will and my life over to the care of God as I understand Him more each day that I read the good word. Also, the back of this book [How to Be a Child of God] has a lot of Scriptures that I’m understanding, and it pertains to me. I thank this Prison Evangelism ministry for giving me these free booklets. God bless you all.


Honolulu, Hawaii

I liked it a lot. I especially liked all the Scripture backing your story for young believers who don’t know the truth that well. I wish more people could get your book and read it. I will make sure I allow people to read the one I have also. Thank you. Could you please send me any other reading material that would benefit my walk with Jesus?


Huntsville, Texas

I’m a new Christian and this book answered a lot of questions. And this book shined some light on them for me.


Midway, Texas

I love this little book! It really walks you through step-by-step, and that’s what I truly needed. Thank you all, and may God bless those in need. Amen.


Billings, Montana

I have read this book multiple times and have begun to put it to work in my life. It has already started changing my outlook on my life. I have also begun to talk to friends and family about coming to God.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Wow! Thank you very much. It really opened by eyes to how to draw people to God. I’m a child of God and have known him for two and a half years now, but really, this little book is really powerful. Thank God for this book to be given to me through the chaplain. Thank you very much for giving a breakdown of how to bring more of God’s children to the light, Jesus Christ.


Phoenix, Arizona

How to Be a Child of God has helped me rededicate my life to Him, and it has helped me find peace within myself and Him.


Huntsville, Texas

I like the book because it’s simple and easy to read as well as understand, and that’s good for those who have trouble reading. I also like the fact that there are several other resources available. I like telling my story because it leads others to Christ.


Newport, Arkansas

This book has set me free. I have been able to inspire others to read and follow instructions, and I know it will change their lives too!


Mobile, Alabama

I’m in prison for murder. I got saved a few months ago. I could use anything that’s free. Thank you!

R. Perez

Buckeye, Arizona

I am originally from Russia. I got adopted when I was 11 years old. Right now I am 19 years old, and I am struggling with my life. I have started reading How to Be a Child of God, and I really like it. I accept God into my life. Can you please send me some books about God? I like to read. I want to be 100 percent Christian.


Houston, Texas

I feel that it was very helpful to me. I have never known how to tell my story or how to witness. I have recently been baptized, and I am still young in my faith. So thank you very much and God bless you.


Deer Lodge, Montana

I am an inmate at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. I have received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I read and study the Bible every day. I have trouble understanding some Scriptures. I read your book (How to Be a Child of God), and I love it. I am indigent and can’t buy any books, and our unit chaplain is very limited on Bible literature. I was wondering if you have any other books or literature that will help me understand the Scriptures. I am so eager to learn and understand it. God bless you for the good work you do.


Huntsville, Texas