Fatherless in AmericaProbably one-half of the people under forty in this country (US) grew up in a one parent household and chances are that parent was a women. I have seen how difficult it can be for a single mom to raise children while maintaining a semblance of a home and working full time.

It is a very difficult proposition.

We wonder why churches are suffering in attendance, but this is one great reason and points to a large group of the population who might be there except for the circumstance of single parenting.

A typical schedule is work and school Monday through Friday, errands and shopping on Saturday and maybe something social, and Sunday is left for rest or relaxation before starting over the next day. Typically, a single mom or week end dad is not making church a priority.

A donut shop is much more appealing or a trip to the beach, park or some other fun endeavor.

Probably, church never enters the picture as the parents were products of single parents and were never in church themselves. Bottom line; an entire generation or two or three with little or no spiritual (of the right kind) training.

But we all yearn for a heavenly Father even if we don’t know what He might look or be like. The busy single mom or the week-end dad are not examples of who that person could be, but rather artificial substitutes or fantasy parents. Oftentimes, the single mom lacks the will to discipline the kids and the week end dad want to be the hero and have fun and give them what ever material things their hearts desire and he can afford. After all, it is only for two days, maybe twice a month or so.

Through distribution of our book How to be a Child of God, we introduce the idea of a loving Father and a heavenly family that we adopt ourselves into and become part of. We learn to say goodbye to whatever represented an earthly father and say hello to our new Father in Heaven. A difficult proposition and takes a lot of desire, but that is how we introduce the idea of knowing Jesus as God and knowing God as Father.

Go to howtobeachildofgod.com or other parts of this website and read the ebook and testimonies for your self. Then make a decision to help fund our endeavor to introduce a Father to the fatherless.

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