prison entranceA famous bank robber was asked, “Why to you rob banks?’ He replied, “ Because thats where the money is.’”

The same can be said for prisons and evangelism. That is where the lost souls are. It is a slow process for most of us to really come to a point of surrender and admit that we alone cannot cope with life on life’s terms alone. It is just too much for us, but we are very slow to admit it. In the interim, we turn to all sorts of remedies such as drugs, sex, alcohol, money, gambling, eating, spending, working or any number of other types of over doing linked to compulsive behavior.

But not just any jail or prison will do. Ten or twelve million people are in and out of county jails each year. Most believe they are there for a reason they are not responsible for or they were framed or unfairly treated. It generally takes a while for a wrongdoer to come to a point of confession. Generally, those in these county jails feel they will be out in a day or two via bail or paying a fine and don’t have the time to go through a change of heart or even think much about paying consequences.

Fast forward for the man or woman who could not get bail or a good enough lawyer to get them out and they go through arraignment and trial and end up in prison sentenced to two, three, five or more years. The inis is when reality sets in and real reflection might start to set in. At this point, introspection might begin regarding past sins and the person got to this point.

For Prison Evangelism, this is the moment we have been waiting for. This is the beginning of the end. Possibly the end of self for that individual. This is the moment a person might begin to think in terms of a God that is someone other than him. One group says he might start thinking of a power greater than he is or a higher power. But this is truly the moment any man with a heart for evangelism waits for. The time when the target person might come to know Jesus if the gospel message is presented in a way he can understand.

Prison Evangelism exists to print and distribute How to be a Child of God to a man alone in a cell who has come to the end of self and is willing to look at his own shortcomings, (sin) and be willing to take responsibility for it and have remorse enough to be so sorry for his thoughts and actions that he does not want to do it again. This is the beginning of repentance. The ground work for a spiritual awakening is being laid. It is also true evangelism as the message meets the sinner where he is.
That is why we say a prison is the home of lost souls.

Look at our Ebook, How to be a child of God and notice the large print (read without glasses), easy to read format, colorful illustrations and easy to follow story line. Available on the websites and

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