How you or your church can have a prison ministry.
Prison Evangelism has on it’s database approximately 2200 individual state prison units, Federal prison and detention centers and county jails. This number grow constantly as we strive to include all who are incarcerated. On a permanent basis, there are some 2,000,000 residents of these facilities.

We see this as a wonderful opportunity to take the message of the cross of Jesus Christ to the very core of those God seeks to reach; the least, the last, and the lost. We have their addresses, we know where they are and we know that at least thirty to forty percent of this number are ready to hear and accept the message we are charged to deliver; that of the good news or the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How to be a child of God was designed to be a self proclaiming witnessing manual. A single man or woman in a cell or cubicle out of resources other than this book some chaplain provided. The simple picture books with easy to read narrative can be readily understood by anyone who can read on a sixth grade level. Actually, the pictures bring the message home to anyone, even non English speakers! So anyone can understand the message of the cross presented in How to be a child of God.

Partnering with Prison Evangelism in the printing and distribution of these books is an effective means of moving your church into great commission evangelism. And all it takes is money! We can print and distribute our fifty-two full color book for $1.25 per copy. We know that ultimately a fourth of those who accept the book will have a life impacting spiritual experience as a direct result.

We can start your ministry with any quantity. Either you or an appointed director can deliver a determined number to a jail or prison nearby or we can in the name of your church. And then your church has a prison ministry that you know is effective and winning souls for Christ.

Take a look at our ministry on this website: or read the ebook in thirteen languages and watch the video at: and write or give me a call. We can break our lists of prison unit down to any zip code so that the prison ministry for your church is totally localized.

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