Jesus Crucifixion
Our completed spiritual death occurs when we give ourselves (surrender) to Jesus Christ. When we are sincere in our efforts to end our lives of self reliance and independence, we allow ourselves to be adopted into the family of God. This is done by believing in our heart that Jesus is God, that He died for our sins on the cross, that He was buried and resurrected, ascended and now sits at the right hand of the Father in heaven.

In order to complete the task, we must realize that when He died, we died. Our old self who had controlled our own destiny is now dead and crucified on the cross with Jesus. We call this exchange “co”. We seek to be born again.We invited Jesus to come into our lives and take over and to live His life through us. In order for this new life to come into play, the old life must die. The old life dies on the cross with Jesus. The exchange takes place the instant you pray for Jesus to come into your life. He does come and and becomes one with you. He is in you literally and you are in Him. By that means, you receive the eternal life that only Jesus has, the life that is forever in the future, but also forever in the past. It is eternal and forever. This new life you receive allows you to immediately go back in time two thousand years and be crucified with Christ on that very same cross. He dies, you die. This is the co-crucifixion of the two of you. (Galatians 2:20). Soon after the crucifixion, you and Jesus were buried. You both rose again after a while and ascended into the heavenly places. He now sits at the right hand of the Father and you are in Christ seated right there with Him, Jesus Christ. You are in Christ and that will never change.

The key to this truth is believing it and this requires substantial faith and an attitude of acceptance (another term for surrender). The old self must die in order for the new creature to be born again. He died on the cross and cannot come back to life except in the dreams (or nightmares) of the new self. That is why we say to our new selves to set our mind on things above (heaven) and not on earthly things because we died.(Colossians 3:1-3) We died on the Christ with Jesus when we asked Him into our lives and became one with Him and His eternal life. We were co-crucified, co-buried, co- resurrected, co-ascended and co-seated in heaven at the right hand of our heavenly Father. Amen.

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