Only one Sunday left in this August month, it’s been such a great summer…To God Be The Glory!

Soon the harvest season will come, the time of the year in which farmers and gardeners thrive…To God Be The Glory!

Then it will be a cold winter, next will come another lovely spring. Through it all, countless opportunities to spread God’s love come and go, as thousands of lost souls sit in prisons across our great nation and few among us take time to answer the call to visit the incarcerated…

I find it comforting to know a simple way to reach out to these men and women who are, like you and I, loved unconditionally.

I give praise to our Lord for an effective, simple & low cost way to reach out to the incarcerated, and help lead fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons & daughters to Christ so they can, by faith, be set free of their sin.

What’s my Secret Method To Lead Prisoners To Christ?

I use an illustrated booklet titled “How To Be A Child Of God” that I distribute to prisons across America. What’s great about this outreach method is, YOU CAN HELP!

Simply visit our Contribute page and donate what you can today…To God Be The Glory! #TGBTG

David Howell
Prison Evangelism, Inc.
PO Box 571977
Houston, Texas 77257