human brain

Preston and Anabel Gillham wrote a little book called A Study of the Mind.

In their opening statement, they state, “Spiritual battles are won or lost at the threshold of the mind, not the mind”. They go on to stay that once you allow a thought to enter your mind, the battle is over because then the other parts of the personality including the will and our emotions start to play with the thought and then you have included those factors in the arena and the situation becomes very complicated. For example, a man sees an attractive woman. He can dismiss the thought and say in his mind she is pretty girl or he can let the thought enter his mind and start to massage it. He can think what if all sorts of things that his mind (thinker) or fantasies suggest. This easily happens when the emotions (feelers) or will (deciders) start to bat the thought of this pretty woman around. So the mind, will, and emotions make up the personality of each of us. But the sin battles are fought at the threshold of the mind where you can win the battle by shutting it out there or continue it later within your own soul or personality.

When the thought of lust or whatever our individual strongholds pass the threshold of the mind and enter the mind (thinker), it and we begin to consider the possibilities of the act or fantasize, then our emotions (feelers) come into the picture and we insert that into the equation. The mind is thinking about it and the emotions are having feelings about it, but what happens next? A decision must be made and then the will or decider part of our personality comes into play. You see, the spiritual battles are won and lost on the threshold of the mind before they enter the mind where the emotions and will reinforce the mind and cause defeat for most of us.

Ultimately there is only one solution. We must be transformed by the renewal of our minds and understand the old self died when we were crucified with Christ. Understand who you are in Christ. You are a spiritual being now with the Spirit of God living in you. If we are to have the abundant life our Father desires for us, we must accept these events by faith. Change your thinking and visualize who and where you are; a child of God seated in heaven at the right hand of your real Father in Christ. And that is where we must set our minds, not on the things of this earth, for we died when He died.

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