The Cost Of A Saved Soul

How Much To Save One Soul?

Over the past five years of research and sending thousands of copies of How to be a child of God into several hundred prisons, we have learned much of our effectiveness and what it will cost to complete the task for Prison Evangelism. We have found that two-thirds of the men who are offered a […]

social networks and prison ministry

Social Media, Prisoners and Evangelism

Marketing by way of social media is a fairly new technique for me. You cannot ignore the 1.5 to 2.3 Billion prospects on Facebook and YouTube for long. I recently found this out when I added a little cash to my marketing on my Prison Evangelism, Inc. Facebook page and picked up 2000 “likes”. The […]


#TGBTG – To God Be The Glory!

Only one Sunday left in this August month, it’s been such a great summer…To God Be The Glory! Soon the harvest season will come, the time of the year in which farmers and gardeners thrive…To God Be The Glory! Then it will be a cold winter, next will come another lovely spring. Through it all, […]