Commercial Aspects

God saved me for the purpose of compiling, printing and distributing the book How To Be A Child of God into the prisons of America. In retrospect, he provided all; John Magee, designer, Randy Rogers, illustrator, a large group of proofreaders, my wife Vickie and my daughter Samantha among others who have helped to put […]

Jesus Crucifixion

Our Co-crucifixion

Our completed spiritual death occurs when we give ourselves (surrender) to Jesus Christ. When we are sincere in our efforts to end our lives of self reliance and independence, we allow ourselves to be adopted into the family of God. This is done by believing in our heart that Jesus is God, that He died […]

Jail Ministry

Least, Last & Lost

I attend a large affluent church in an affluent or rich neighborhood. Most all of the people who are members drive nice cars, have nice jobs or own their own businesses. The real givers in that group support a very hefty budget and continuing building program. There are countless programs to attract more members of […]


You Gotta Have Heart

For twenty eight years I was a full blown practicing alcoholic and drug addict. I sobered up in Alcoholics Anonymous and through myself into that program as well. That is sort of the way it is with us all or nothing types. We liked to go all in all of our endeavors; all of the […]

Prisoner Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification

Recently, I spoke to a family member who had served some time in state jail here in Texas. Mostly, a state jail is a prison for drug violators and combines a sort of behavior based rehabilitation program with jail time. It is called a treatment program, but is more about helping a person get some […]

A Hole in the Soul

My affliction is alcoholism. You might call it addiction or disease or any number of labels that are thrown around today, but essentially it has been my symptom of my personal hole in the soul. Those of us with a hole in the soul might manifest in alcoholism, binge shopping, over spending, over eating, excessive […]

Christian Ministry Complexity

Keep It Simple For Non-Believers

We continue to force feed to non-believers terms like “the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ”, propitiation, “atonement for our sins”, “redemption”, “salvation”, ”blood of the lamb” and all the other terms we as Christians toss around in hymns and conversation as we discuss our faith with one another. The problem is, the people we need […]

US inmate profile

Prison Profiles

There are approximately 2,100,000 inmates incarcerated in the United States at any given time. Ninety-three percent are men and seven percent are women. I mentioned permanent to identify those who have generally one or more years of sentencing for their infractions. There are another 10-12 million in and out of county jails and detention centers […]

700 Club Interactive

Featured On The 700 Club

Recently, I was contacted by a producer of CBN’s The 700 Club. They were interested in doing a segment through their news division about the origin and mission of Prison Evangelism. I was very excited about the prospect as good publicity is invaluable for a ministry such as ours. In early August of 2017, John […]

Why Surrender To God?

End of Self

I wonder why often we must get beat up emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically in order for God to get our attention focused on Him instead of the ways of the enemy. He doesn’t do it to us, we do it to ourselves, making the same mistakes over and over again and wondering why things […]